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are online IQ tests accurate or reliable?

It's called "tomorrow". Most popular tests. Sign in with Google Sign in with LinkedIn. Please try again. Sign in. Remember me Forgot Password? Don't have an account?There is no such thing as a good online IQ test, although some are even worse than others. A real IQ test must be properly normed and administered by a trained professional. Anything you take online is going to be about as meaningful as a "Which Flintstones character are you?

Many online "IQ tests" give inflated scores so that you'll be pleased with the site. It's just a trick to get you to visit. The ones on Queendom look pretty typical of IQ tests. I think the Psychology Today website has similar ones, and others can be found elsewhere. The basic premise--that people have intelligence as a basic trait and a test can measure that trait--is pretty much out of favor nowadays. So go ahead and take them if you want, but understand that your score is about memory for trivia, verbal skills writtenand mathematics--and that your score could and should change if you take the test again in a few years.

So they ignore other types of intelligence, like interpersonal, physical, musical, or emotional note that Queendom has a separate test for the latter. Moreover, the measurement of verbal-mathematical intelligence from any IQ test is not fixed; it can change markedly with greater education, better preparation, or any significant change in the health or lifestyle of the test-taker.

Accuracy and reliability are relative terms when you talk about IQ tests. On the other hand the IQ tests themselves have to pass through the reliability tests. There is no study to prove that the predictions of the IQ tests ever proved true. They may measure your alertness of mind, sharpness of memory and level of observation at the time of your session. However, they will yield different results at other times. The best advice is to take the IQ scores with a doubt. Never try to make important career decisions with them.

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Where on the Internet can I find a real IQ test?


I've searched extensively, but found mostly meme-y websites filled with riddles and brainteasers. Anyone know anywhere I can find valid IQ tests? As far as I know, you can't, partly because one issue with an IQ test is that it needs to be administered in a certain way.

Personally, I don't think someone should know "their IQ" because it is almost meaningless. I'll go on my psych class course site and send you one.

It's pretty long, timed and as legit as you will find on the internet. And it's debatable if even those have any actual worth. We don't have a clue what intelligence is, much less whether you can test for it, or whether a single number score means diddly squat. The whole concept of IQ doesn't really impress me much anymore, I had about 12 years of it being foisted on me.

Starting in kindergarten, they started pulling me out of class to "have a talk with the nice man. Those continued throughout elementary and high school.

I finally pulled the plug on all that nonsense just after high school and haven't looked back.We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Queendom has a consumer rating of 1. Queendom also ranks th among Games sites.

queendom iq test reddit

I did an IQ test. It said I would get a basic result then pay for my detailed result. I took the questions. In the end, the basic result was one line long with no information, just something vague. I had to pay to even see my exact IQ. Or even an estimate. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional - e. Write a Review Ask a Question. Corporate Values. Overview Queendom has a consumer rating of 1. View ratings trends. Add media. Top Critical Review. Rating 5 stars 0. Other Verified purchase. Contains image or video.

English only. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 0. I did a long test, and at the end, was told I had to pay to see the results. It's just a sales trick. I did a long test of questions only to be told at the end of it that I should pay to see the results. Don't take the bait! I did a spacial visual IQ test here, spent time on it, focusing I feel cheated.

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queendom iq test reddit

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Classical IQ Test

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Due to recent troll activity, we've implemented a karma minimum for posting in this subreddit. How accurate is the Queendom verbal-linguistic IQ test? I have just taken the test and I got these results, english is my third language, took me about 10 min to finish.

queendom iq test reddit

As a comparison point, I scored in Verbiq from Iqexams. I am not sure how accurate both tests are, but I casually got the same score. I would dare to say that my overall score got inflated because the reading comprehension part was extremely easy. Vocab definitions ,antonymssentences completionsanalogies ; reading comprehension.

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Post a comment! Create an account.There are two things to get out of the way: the first is that there are entirely too many online "IQ Tests" to possibly discuss them all and the second is that even if a website claims that their test is different and just as valid as one that would be administered by a Psychologist, it's very, and I mean VERY difficult to believe that it could be.

Most of what makes an IQ test valid is the normative sample. Your score on a real IQ test reflects a comparison to hundreds or thousands of your peers.

They are also selected carefully so that they come from different places, have different levels of educational attainment and otherwise represent the country as a whole. No online IQ test I emailed and I emailed five responded with information about how the normative sample for their test was developed.

It is also possible that a site could be using people who seek out the tests as a comparison group, but this is also not going to create an adequate sample.

If a real test's sample can be accurately described as "a representative sample of the entire country," then the sample for an online "IQ test" will be more like "people who felt like taking an IQ test and have an internet connection and happened to click on that test. I would be reasonably sure that it's not students who may be eligible for special education, or the majority of people who are average and have no particular need or desire to know their IQ.

Every online test I took gave me an initial score and then offered me the option of a detailed report for a price. I am inclined to think that the average person would be more willing to spend money at a site that tells them what they want to hear, and who doesn't want to hear that they are a genius? A few dollars for the details of my own genius sounds like a good deal.

In other cases there might be motivation for a site to give an artificially low score. Several sites also offered games or other services that claimed to boost your IQ, so why not sneak in a claim that some area could use a little work? This is a big difference from my own practice or the practice of other School Psychologists or Psychologists. We don't make more or less money depending on the score, but we can be sued if our score proves inaccurate.

Our biggest incentive is just to provide an accurate score. Setting aside all of the speculation about intentions and how a website might try to make money this way, there is also one inescapable fact: all of the tests I saw were pretty bad.

On the WISC-V, the most common IQ test for children 5 sub scores come from 10 tests on which an average student will respond to between 4 and thirty questions. These are given in a dynamic manner where the student answers as many or as few questions as they can manage. This means that whereas on a real test, the student goes through a range of questions on each subtest, with at least two subtests combined to make a score in a given area, the IQtest.

I could literally click wrong and vastly alter my score. Other sites offer similarly limited numbers of questions, with the most impressive number being Queendom. It's possible that there is, or will be a website with the motivation and capability to make a valid IQ test to be taken online, but it does not seem likely. A big enough normative sample to create valid scores would require a huge investment, and accurate scores would overwhelmingly be in the Average range, which is not what people probably want to hear, right at the top of the page, IQtest.InBinet and Simon first devised a system for testing intelligence.

Scoring was based on standardized, average mental levels for various age groups. The idea that a test could determine a child's "mental age" became enormously popular.

Just before the First World War, a German psychologist named Wilhelm Stern suggested a better way of expressing results than by mental age - Stern determined his results by finding the ratio between the subject's chronological age and their mental age. Thus, the IQ intelligence quotient was born. Thus the deviation IQ replaced the ratio IQ. Plagued by accounts of misuse, the controversies surrounding IQ testing had tarnished its reputation. However, recent studies have found that certain elements found in IQ tests can accurately predict scholastic and professional achievement.

Used properly, valid and reliable IQ tests can be used in a variety of useful situations, like identifying children who require extra assistance in school. Some of these abilities can be assessed more easily and accurately than others, and can then be used reliably as predictors of achievement in various areas. This test measures mental abilities that are positively correlated with many skills, as well as academic performance. Your score will be a strong, though not perfect, indication of your true potential in terms of the underlying abilities.

This IQ test measures several factors of intelligence - logical reasoning, numerical skills, language abilities, spatial relations skills, knowledge retained and the ability solve novel problems. It doesn't take into consideration social or emotional intelligence. This test does not measure all of your potential - no test can do that accurately.

Since different IQ tests focus on different factors, your performance will change from test to test. For example, someone who scores on Raven's Progressive matrices or on our culture fair IQ test both of which measure general intelligence while minimizing cultural and educational influences can score on the Wechsler scale.

The Wechsler scale has both verbal and performance components, the latter of which has been found to be influenced by schooling. The same person may score only 98 on our verbal IQ test, which is focused purely on verbal skills.

Keep in mind that your results on this test and any other IQ test, for that matter can be affected by factors other than your knowledge and abilities.

For example, fatigue, medication side-effects, formal education level, area of study, training or practice, the number of similar tests that you have taken, etc.

The History of Intelligence Testing. IQ testing as we know it today has evolved from a century of research and speculation. In the later half of the 19th century, a man named Sir Francis Galton, a scientist and cousin of Charles Darwin, began to speculate about why there seemed to be different limits to people's mental abilities.

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