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France is at the core of Airbus skills, technologies, innovation and production. Final assembly for the Airbus A XWB is performed at a state-of-the-art facility situated in the aviation industrial zones surrounding Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. Airbus headquarters are located in the southwest region of Occitanie, near the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. In Occitanie, more than 28, people are Airbus employees and approximately 4, work in such central functions as finance, marketing, engineering, customer support programmes and procurement.

The final assembly line for Airbus' flagship A double-deck jetliner is a purpose-built facility located adjacent to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. Toulouse-Blagnac also houses operations dedicated to Airbus commercial aircraft engineering, structural design and testing, systems organisation, flight and ground testing, system integration testing, propulsion and more.

Saint-Nazaireon the Atlantic coast of France, encompasses two production sites situated on 75 hectares.

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Its 3,strong workforce specialises in assembling, equipping and testing the forward sections of A Family aircraft, as well as the forward and centre sections of the A and flagship A jetliners.

Sub-assemblies come from French, European and worldwide partners, making the Saint-Nazaire site a true international logistical platform. Another product of Saint-Nazaire are radomes that protect nose-mounted aircraft antennas. Nantes also is a leader in the manufacture of structural parts in carbon fibre reinforced plastic CFRP — the weight-saving composite material that Airbus has increasingly incorporated into its aircraft.

Marignanenear the port city of Marseilles in southern France, is headquarters for Airbus' helicopter division — occupying a location that has been at the forefront of rotorcraft technology for more than six decades. Close to 9, employees at the site are engaged in nearly every aspect of the helicopter business, from design and assembly to training and customer service. A full range of Airbus helicopters take shape at Marignane, from light single-engine rotary-wing aircraft to the larger military rotorcraft of the Cougar family.

Special Air Service

Ina large development centre opened, reflecting Airbus' commitment to innovation, research and development. Approximately people work at the Paris-Le Bourget site in Dugny adjacent to Le Bourget Airport outside Parisat a new purpose-built facility specialising in rotor blade production and research on composite materials.

Airbus has also been developing its cybersecurity business in Toulouse. In France, Airbus works on space launch systems such as Ariane 5 today, and Ariane 6 in the future. Airbus remains the only company present simultaneously in access-to-space via its participation in Ariane Groupsatellite systems and services.

These product lines include communication satellites using the large, highly reliable Eurostar E spacecraft platform chosen by many satellite operators that can accommodate the latest electric propulsion systems; along with the long-running series of SPOT Earth-observation satellites and their successors Pleiades Neo.

Built at Toulouse as well is the miniaturised AstroSat satellite platform, weighing between kg. To maintain Airbus at the forefront of the satellite business, a 4, square metre facility was inaugurated in to handle serial production of satellites for OneWeb.

The facility is an equally-owned venture of OneWeb and Airbus that is building satellites for the OneWeb high-speed internet constellation. A combined workforce of more than 3, employees work on access to space and ballistic missile-related products.

In the future, a new integration facility will assemble core stages for the next-generation Ariane 6, using lean production methods and a horizontal workflow that succeeds the currently-used vertical build-up process.

The production prime contractor for Ariane launchers is ArianeGroup — an equally owned joint venture of Airbus and Safran.The SAS was founded in as a regimentand later reconstituted as a corps in Much of the information and actions regarding the SAS is highly classifiedand is not commented on by the British government or the Ministry of Defence due to the sensitivity of their operations. The 22nd Special Air Service Regiment, which is part of the regular army, gained fame and recognition worldwide after its televised rescue of all but two of the hostages held during the Iranian Embassy siege.

The Special Air Service was a unit of the British Army during the Second World War that was formed in July by David Stirling and originally called "L" Detachment, Special Air Service Brigade—the "L" designation and Air Service name being a tie-in to a British disinformation campaign, trying to deceive the Axis into thinking there was a paratrooper regiment with numerous units operating in the area the real SAS would "prove" to the Axis that the fake one existed.

Transported by the Long Range Desert Groupit attacked three airfields in Libyadestroying 60 aircraft with the loss of 2 men and 3 jeeps. At the end of the war the British government saw no further need for the force and disbanded it on 8 October The following year it was decided there was a need for a long-term deep-penetration commando unit and a new SAS regiment was to be raised as part of the Territorial Army.

After three months of training in Britain, it was informed that the squadron would no longer be required in Korea and so it instead volunteered to fight in the Malayan Emergency. Since serving in Malaya, men from the regular army 22 SAS Regiment have taken part in reconnaissance patrols and large scale raiding missions in the Jebel Akhdar War in Oman and conducted covert reconnaissance and surveillance patrols and some larger scale raiding missions in Borneo.

Not only did they train the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan but also sent them to be trained in PakistanOman and even parts of the UK. Following the invasion, the Regiment continued to operate in Afghanistan against the Taliban and other insurgents untilwhere its deployment Iraq became its focus of operations untilwhen the SAS redeployed to Afghanistan.

The regiment took part in the Iraq Warnotably carrying out operations in Iraq before the invasion. The Daily Telegraph reports that "defence sources have confirmed that the SAS has been in Libya for several weeks, and played a key role in coordinating the fall of Tripoli.

They have also been advising rebels on tactics. Following the post-war reconstitution of the Special Air Service, other countries in the Commonwealth recognised their need for similar units. Non-Commonwealth countries have also formed units based on the SAS. Little publicly verifiable information exists on the contemporary SAS, as the British government usually does not comment on special forces matters due to the nature of their work.

Each squadron consists of approximately 65 men commanded by a major, divided into four troops each troop being commanded by a captain and a small headquarters section. In R Squadron which has since been renamed L Detachment was formed; its members are all ex-regular SAS regiment soldiers who have a commitment to reserve service. In times of war, such as the invasion of Iraq, it's not uncommon for two squadrons to be deployed.

Squadron Structure [93]. The special projects team is the official name for the Special Air Service anti-hijacking counter-terrorism team. Squadrons refresh their training every 16 months, on average. The CT role was shared amongst the squadrons, initially on a month and later six-month rotation basis to ensure that all members are eventually trained in CT and CQB techniques. The on-call CT squadron is split into four troops, two of which are on immediate notice to move and are restricted to the Hereford-Credenhill area, whilst the other two conduct training and exercises across the UK, but are available for operational deployment should the need arise.

Following a review of the unit's operational capability they were withdrawn from this tasking and the task handed over to a regular infantry unit. The report found that the SAS reservists lacked a clearly defined role and also stated that the reservists lacked the military capability and skillset to serve alongside the regular special forces. The United Kingdom Special Forces never recruit directly from the general public.

Taking place in Walesspecifically Sennybridge and the Brecon Beaconsselection lasts for five weeks and normally starts with approximately potential candidates. Following mountain training, the jungle phase takes place in BelizeBruneior Malaysia. The final selection test, resistance to interrogation RTIis arguably the most grueling and lasts for 36 hours.

From a group of approximately candidates, most will drop out within the first few days, and less than 30 will remain by the end.

Those who complete all phases of selection are transferred to an operational squadron. In Octoberrecruitment policy changed to allow women to become members of the SAS for the first time.Airbus Defence and Space is a division of Airbus responsible for defence and aerospace products and services.

As early as the German aerospace and defence company DaimlerChrysler Aerospace DASA and its British counterpart British Aerospace were said to be eager to create a transnational aerospace and defence company. Tom Enders became the first CEO of the new division. After the merger, it also acquired the production of Eurofighter Typhoonwhich was earlier under Cassidian. Eurocopterwhich was earlier under Airbus Military, was reorganized as Airbus Helicopters.

On 17 September the company name was changed to Cassidian, an amalgamation of the Latin words Cassida helmet and meridian, and focused on worldwide protection and security. Some business areas were identified as divestment candidates as they did not fit the strategic goals for the company.

Under this plan, the commercial and para-public communication business including Professional Mobile Radio and commercial satellite communications services activities was divested. Subsidiaries and J. The subsidiaries AirbusAirbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space became operating divisions of the same company. The Airbus AM Atlas [29] [30] is a multi-national, four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft.

It was designed by Airbus Military now Airbus Defence and Space as a tactical airlifter with strategic capabilities to replace older transport aircraft, such as the Transall C and the Lockheed C Hercules.

Along with the transport role, the AM can perform aerial refuelling and medical evacuation when fitted with appropriate equipment. Its primary military roles include maritime patrolsurveillanceand air transport.

Its largest user is Turkey which has 59 aircraft. The Eurofighter Typhoon is a twin-enginecanard - delta wingmultirole fighter. In MayAirbus and Safran agreed that their joint venture would work on upgrading the M51 submarine-launched ballistic missile to the M Airbus Defence and Space is the world's largest supplier of Earth observation systems with more than fifty satellites launched and 18 more under construction.

Some of the major satellite systems built are: Envisat the world's largest civilian Earth observation satellite. Airbus Defence and Space has manufactured over a hundred communications satellites for a vast range of applications for clients from all over the world.Locations France Select a Topic.

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Tweets by Twitter France. Please be aware that the website you have requested is intended for the residents of particular country or region, as noted on that site. OK Open in a new tab. For this browsing session please remember my choice and don't ask again.With respect to both companies, the share capital which has not been paid on incorporation must be paid up within a maximum period of 5 years.

In a SAS, the only person authorized to act on behalf of the company is its President. A SAS may have ad hoc corporate bodies, such as a supervisory board, an oversight committee, an audit committee, etc. Moreover, even if the above thresholds are not reached, a SAS must appoint an auditor if it is controlled by a company or if it controls one or more companies.


The concept of control in this case is assessed within the meaning of Article L. Therefore, in order for a company to be able to borrow from third parties who are not shareholders, it may need to structure such borrowings in the form of bonds. A SAS can issue bonds at any time and without any condition. A commissioner for the verification of its assets and liabilities must however be appointed if the company does not yet have two balance sheets approved by the shareholders.

sas france address

A SARL can not issue bonds unless it has reached the thresholds for the appointment of an auditor and if it has three balance sheets approved by the shareholders. Subject to certain mandatory provisions, the rights and obligations of the shareholders of a SAS can be freely determined in the by-laws including, pre-emption rights, tag-along and drag-along rights, exit and exclusion rights, etc.

sas france address

By contrast, most legal provisions regarding the relationship between shareholders in a SARL are mandatory, and may be customized to a much lesser extent that in a SAS. A SARL may issue ordinary shares only which give the same voting and dividend rights.

The transfer of shares of a SARL is subject to the mandatory approval of the remaining shareholders at a super-majority vote provided for by the law. By contrast, in a SAS, the bylaws may determine whether the transfer of shares may be freely effected, or subject to a right of approval which may be granted by the President of the company, by the shareholders at the majority specified in the bylaws, or by any other competent corporate bodyor to other restrictions which may be specified in the by-laws.

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sas france address

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